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5125 2nd Ave W
Williston, ND 58801
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Centennial Homes is opening a new family home park. Featuring 260 spaces, it's in a beautiful location just 5 miles west of Williston. Own a new 3 or 4 bedroom home, including air conditioning, delivery, set up and lot fee for less than $1600.00 per month. Less than half of anything comperable to rent in the area... and you own the home. Whether you are looking for housing, providing employee housing or looking to refer your employees to a source for very affordable housing...Centennial has the solution. Centennial Homes is a local company and has been providing quality homes and service for 44 years and we have 4 locations serving the entire Bakken Region. We have commitments for over 75% of the park spaces and have yet to promote it. If you are interested we need to get together as soon as possible to assess your housing needs and how we can help. I look forward to talking with you. John Voll- Williston Sales Manager